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Question#1:How can I run Wiituka?
 Install the homebrew channel » in your wii, unzip the wiituka files » to a SD card and plug it in your Wii.
Question#2:I managed to start Wiituka, but no games are showing up, why?
 Wiituka has two operation modes, Online and Local. If neither the wiituca can connect to the LAN nor access your files on the SD Card, it won't be able to find any games. Check your network settings and/or try another SD card.
Question#3:Can I use my usb keyboard? There are any layout differences?
 Yes, you can. The differences are minimal:
  • [@/|] key (right side of [P]), doesn't work correctly with Wii's driver, so that key is mapped at [º/ª], on the left side [1].
  • [F1], [F2], [Fx] keys on the usb keyboard, are not in the same place of the original CPC ones. They were at the numeric keypad place, and that's where Wiituka emulates them.
Question#4:I don't have an USB keyboard, how can I get the on-screen keyboard?
 During emulation, you just have to aim the wiimote to the screen for a couple of seconds to make it appear.
Question#5:How can I turn on Gunstick emulation?
 On the Rom List » Options (Gearwork) » Gunstick (Turn off Keyboard on Screen).
Question#6:I have a problem with my Romlist and/or Options, What can i do?
 Inside the Wiituka folder in your SD card, delete all the XML files, they'll be regenerated. Remember to check if your SD card is in good shape.
Question#7:I'd like wiituka to do XXXXX, and thank you for your work.
 Wiituka is released under Donationware license and your donations are welcomed.

If you want to send me suggestions, comments or patches (diff format) to: