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Wiituka, the Pituka CPC Emulator @ Nintendo Wii

Wiituka Emulator for Nintendo Wii!

If Wiituka has been useful to you, please think about making a donation, you will help mantaining this site and the development of the emulator.

Wiituka Donations
Jean-Karim Mazidji
Patrick Tanguy

NEWS: Wiituka on Scenery 2009

Current Wiituka Features:
  • Is like real an Amstrad CPC 6128.
  • A comfortable Interface that tries to resemble "Virtual Console"
  • With online support, download your games from coach.
  • First emulator with CPC Gunstick Emulation (Yeah!)
  • The first Wii program that emulates a Green Monitor (Wtf!?!)
  • Redefine WiiMote Keys
  • Snapshot (and tape?) Support
To do:
  • Game List with Screenshots
  • Roms details, votes and many more!


Some online Games:
Target Renegade
Elite (Firebird)
Head over Heels

I want the last Wiituka version!!